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What is Renovatio Records?

Renovatio Records aims at renovation! It stands in the field of film music and is an independent project with the objective of providing fans with their favorite film scores, in a presentation that fully represents the piece of work written by the original composer.

Renovatio Records is born as the result of existing film score releases that fail to represent a score in an appealing way because of bad editing, song inclusions, short duration and sometimes, even extended duration. The goal is to develop pleasing soundtrack compilations (with distinct and original artwork designs) of specific scores that never received a fair treatment and to facilitate a listening experience that hopefully will satisfy the avid listener.

Renovatio Records aspires to construct a catalog of film music soundtracks that is to be used for promotional purposes only. We really wish that you enjoy and appreciate our efforts and support our cause. Of course, we are open to receive any kind of suggestions and feedback that you might want to share. They will certainly help us grow and develop expertise!

About the sources

The soundtracks that you will be downloading (and listening) from Renovatio Records were made with complete or expanded promotional bootlegs of the actual scores. These complete scores or recording sessions were previously downloaded from websites and forums dedicated to provide fans with film music in general.

The music used to compile the albums and the photographs used to design the cover artwork in this blog were obtained from different Internet sources.

There is no copyright infringement intended.

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